Born in london,
With a cockney lilt,
My carefree,
But colourful turn of phrase,
Distracts those who try to peer beyond,
On paper the only place,
For my sesquipedalian tongue,
The only way I know,
For fear of falling over me,
Size seven boot ready to silence my confidence,
Here within these ink splashed pages,
I lay it all down,
Unashamed, unaltered and Unmasked,
On show for all to see,
Naked, defences down,
Hiding my fragile mind,
Letting myself free behind the screen,
To be another man,
A different entity,
To be the man I wish to be, To leave my past behind,
A story from history,
I side step to avoid,
But which is the real me,
The eloquent,
Or likely lad.

Black Palm, Redheart and Indian Rosewood Cattleman Steak Knives. More at Bespoke Woods Facebook page.

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