Interludes of chatter less times.

As life last sanities thread snaps with an audible cracks, Pictures from these eyes die in diminishing dots, And as life flickers off in fluorescents glow less glowing, Immersing through fluidity of nothingness,
Unto chatter less times of silence,
Silent in its disorientation,
A world dulled by senses lost,
As life floats from refracted sunlight’s illusions,
Of shadows and dust,
I drift though lives of times being, which I was and am, As my guide leads me through my turmoil caused, Inflicted and burdened,
No cheats guide to lead us through,
No bonus level to be achieved, And through all this life walks around my inanimate shell, Oblivious to what’s behind these dulling eyes of green, Emerald in new found virginity,
Cleared and stress less they gaze beyond,
Away from, worlds fuelled by pain, and lived within hurt, No angels to sing me to my rest,
No celestial encumbrance to slow my path,
And I fade to nothingness, Leaving this degradable shell behind,
Wasted and forgotten secluded beneath stone and mud, In to the next life I tumble,
My past forgotten,
As I’m reborn to a fresh page.

Mixed wood box and crystal resin. More on Bespoke Woods Facebook page


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