Beware, we live here

This is where we live,
We both share this space,
Identical in appearance,
But our manner occupies opposite ends of the same spectrum, To whom are you talking?
A question neither one can answer,
Our actions our only give away,
From mild mannered Clark Kent,
To the volatile and unpredictable Dr. Bruce Banner,
In the blinking of a stunned eye,
My transformation never seen,
My visage never changes,
But the hatred of all life is given away behind burning eyes, Rage takes hold of every tendon and fibre,
Blood boils throughout every vein and artery,
Anger erupts in cascading lava,
Without expectation of the observer,
Or victim of my fury, The blood red shutters come down,
As speech and reason is lost on this frenzied dervish, Washed away on the tsunami of indignation,
As I thunder beyond control,
My will lost within my other self,
As Mr Jeckle shows his hand once more,
My self-control lost upon my wrath of this wasted world,
As I hand myself over to me,
And conscious will is lost upon our manias,
This flash fire seethes across the dried kindling of my tattered mind, Addled by prescribed chemicals and lost upon this scorched earth, As once more in flickers and judders,
I shake my pieces back in to order of sorts,
Left to survey the damage done to my world,
As I finally return to myself and see what we did,
And wait for the next transformation in to hells very own beast, For we two cohabiting within this fragile shell, Antagonism within produces friction, Like an innocent boy scout with two twigs,
Fire is its only product,
Inferno its only result,
Beyond my grasp,
And longed for by me,
Don’t worry about me,
But beware of yours truly,
Storm clouds are ever only a horizon away from this frayed mind, Flashes in the distance a warning,
Rumbles of thunder vibrate just beneath this apoplectic surface, My flesh bubbles and boils and I retreat in to myself,
As I take hold once more,
And now for my fifteen minuets once more, Removing me from me,
Help me find myself,
As once more lost upon I,
This tornado removes me to be me yet again, Absent from rationality once more,
How long before my return is not forthcoming? And I remain missing from me.

African Blackwood bowl with blue and crystal resin. More at Bespoke Woods Facebook page.

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