Me, myself and Jack

As I pass through this life,
In my fragile vessel of being,
I watch others meander past,
Inflicting pain and hurt on those around,
I grow skin thicker than most,
To deflect their wounding blows,
Removing contaminated shrapnel of poison, When alone, in my private cell,
Decorating my fearsome exterior with marks and scars, To deter the feral animals intent on my very soul, But behind this façade of aggression and dread, My howl worse than my intent,
Behind these eyes you can see my haunting,
Of a life of misery and losses,
These spirits still haunt the darkest recesses of my life, And ravage through my nights sleep,
Still there with mutterings in the dark, Caressing my chilled skin with cold dead hands, Calling me by name to remind me,
This is where they should be,
Jagging my thoughts with splinters of glass, Lacerating a mind,
Held together by Jack Daniels,
Formerly of Tennessee,
Now to be found on my table,
The life I once kept at arms length,
Now returns the favour,
Outcast from the human tribe,
Left to linger on this desolate island,
Just me, myself and Jack.

Mixed wood and acrylic lamp base. More at Bespoke Woods Facebook page.


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