My world

A king sized bed,
Five foot by six foot six,
Sam, Laila and I,
No money or gold, Could ever be worth more,
But here within this duck down hideaway,
Doors locked and curtains closed,
Lies my whole world,
Just Sam, Laila and I,
The outside world does not touch this hideaway,
Unless we wish it too,
Lost in the cathode ray tube as it flickers it’s stories,
Its telly plays and comic turns,
The news held at arms reach,
Just Sam, Laila and I,
Lost in time and space,
In each other,
Or just our own thoughts,
As Laila the dog,
Purrs like a cat when tickled in the right spot,
Always on hand with her giant tongue,
To clean a spot of grime you missed,
Or marking you as hers,
As she lays between us both,
Snoring like a train,
And here we stay,
Locked away and silent,
Hidden from the world outside,
Just Sam, Leila and I.

Purpleheart hand turned bowl. More at Bespoke Woods Facebook page.

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