With this ring, I thee….

A band of gold,
Smooth and bevelled,
With no beginning or end,
No inscription or words of love,
Purposeless in its own symbol,
All that left to show of what once was,
Words spoken on to each other,
Echo hollow now in vacant rooms,
This sign of what I gave to you,
All of me, no holds barred,
You used these as a weapon against me,
Now these visions of hell surround me,
Once again making vows of no beginning or end,
But with these demons, more concrete and without recourse, My face reflected back to me in concave images,
The clarity of gold, from within this ring,
Where dreams were once held,
Demonic images flashed back to me,
As my spirit decays and die,
My only wish trapped within its sparkle,
Where no obsession of nocturnal picture shows of us can hurt, Until the new day grabs me from my sleeping,
And brings this new world screaming to my door,
And I face it alone with the fear and trepidation,
Of a child on the first day of school,
And step into the cold new dawn alone.

Tanga Nuts (Vegetable Ivory) in the mixed wood bowl. More at Bespoke Woods facebook page.

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