Wave goodbye, but just for now

As I rise to leave,
Knowing deep inside the pain to come,
Only to be drowned by a gallon of ale,
Its there written on their angelic faces,
Once that held such wonder and joy,
Now at the reverse of the spectrum,
All black and devoid of colour,
Every absent father across the land,
Can be seen during the holidays,
At cinemas, fast food joints and parks,
They now face the journey home alone,
The anguish that returns with the slam of the car door,
The nightmare awaiting them in the emptiness of the mind,
To return to the limbo world of removed dad,
Spending time cramming in all the missing love of non-attendance, Like a narcotic overdose the come down terrifies,
Their eyes fill with tears,
Biting my lip and journeying to happier places in my minds eye, Just to stop mine flowing like the torrent of Niagara,
My heart sinks and returns back to the sole of my boots,
I try to pacify and reassure,
But what can be said to those so young,
How can we expect them to understand,
When we cannot even explain adult actions,
Our souls ripped out each time,
But its out of our control to return to the life they wish upon stars for, We make our lives so complex till we no longer understand,
Or see black from white,
We view adulthood in shades of grey,
While they still believe in Santa and fairies,
Who are we to destroy their fragile dreams,
Do we have the right to upturn their lives on our own selfish whims, But back to now and my torch extinguished,
In the isolation of my car,
Face burns with shame and anger,
Hands shake with emotions raging,
Next stop the pub for my journey to oblivion on the rocks.

A tiny walnut shell in the mixed wood bowl. More at Bespoke Woods facebook page.

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