Blame it all on me

The blame for us has to be laid,
In our natures so human,
Somewhere, as poppies at the epitaph in November,
Laid with reverence, to remember,
Squared away, in our tidy lives,
To lay the blame,
Pressures of life, to convenient,
Were you pushed into infidelities, by my love for you, Wandering to escape this life of comfort,
Never allowing yourself to take a share of this burden, Eating me away like acid on flesh,
Slowly, never letting go,
Mistaking devotion to you, for weakness, Kindnesses ignored and forgotten,
Forgiveness the green light to repeat,
And in lonely nights waiting your itinerant return, Images of writhing body’s in passion haunt my dark, Echoing groans of love floating from every haunting recess and corner, But I’m here, blame it on me,
No one left, just me,
Live your life clear and free from your sins,
Lay them at my door,
Wander into your new sunrise free from this baggage, Tell the courts and law of this land,
My every misdemeanour and missed step,
Change, contort and rearrange,
Lie, cheat and destroy,
But blame it all on me,
Should I have been stronger, resisting your will,
Will you back in later times, and look upon me as lost,
Or rightly disposed of, as last nights TV guide,
Will sounds and smells bring us to you in true playback, Or an edited version for your conscience to except, Until then, I will carry this burden of blame,
In the way histories documents will show, long after I’m gone, I will let it destroy my future,
Burning my bridges before crossing,
Me on my team of one,
The best thing you ever did, And ‘til the day you must face your truths, A veil of lies to fall from pretty blue eyes, Blame me,
And I will take your burdens,
Just blame it all on me.

Mixed wood and crystal resin bowl, more on Bespoke Woods Facebook page.

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