What is this monster I see before me, Cloaked in its invisible shield of glass, Inanimate but totally controlling, From its first warming sip,
To its last dribbling effects,
I like how she makes me feel,
But hate the way she makes me, Sane to goon in six shots, Coherent to unintelligible in ten, Sociable to antisocial in many more, Tricks to make you last longer, Longer you last to maximise the carnage, Body gives up mind carries on, Needing lusting and gagging, Mind and body swims and slows, Eyes flicker can they tell,
Once more in a bad place,
Help me please,
Well maybe not, Comforting in its unknown effect, Believing in a top drunk,
A drunk is a drunk,
A pound is a pound,
No matter how you slice it,
It is what it is,
Call a spade a spade,
A rose by any other name, What’s your poison,
Certain death in prolonged agony,
Is that with ice and a slice sir, Unattractive,
Why would life play out this way,
Is it controlled or controlling, Pleasure or pain,
Will a destructive night destroy me, Will I destroy this bottle,
Or be bottled trying to destroy, Adverts of attractive people, Playing at fun on this devil, Are they attractive after,
Do they attract us,
With such shallow tricks,
Of course they do,
We are the army of alcoholics paying for these adverts, One leg on the wagon,
Or just knowing the path its on,
Oh sod it lets get pissed,
We can get the next one,
Drink get drunk fall over what problem,
Eyes bulge as I stay silent,
Keeping count, count keeping,
Liver shrinks and kidneys howl as my head shudders, Not remembering,
Three years lost,
Life ticks away,
Almost dead or just fucked up,
The only absolute truth is death.

Cocobolo and gold Click pen. More at Bespoke Woods Facebook page.

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