Oh how that name resounds through my mind, Butterflies flutter on wings of silk,
Every time she looks my way,
Her soft brown hair the colour of rich mahogany,
It shines like gold catching the early morning sun,
Like beams dancing through fields of autumn wheat,
Her eyes with the sparkle of winter stars,
Her sweet smile shows me what lies beneath her veneer, She makes me feel eighteen again going through my first crush, To touch her soft skin,
To feel her soft sensuous touch on me,
To smell her sweet perfume,
I wait for her,
To see her,
Time passes slower tick by tick,
I wait as my patience starts to ebb,
Eager to see my love,
For its her who makes me whole again,
To be in love with Clare,
As refreshing as summer rain before a storm, Electricity hums through the atmosphere,
We love and are loved,
Can it last forever,
life is clear once more,
It lightens up my life like a spring morning,
But soon to end in sure,
Will fate play its hand once more,
To free her once more,
Back to the heavens,
Am I worthy to posses such a beauty,
You cant love until you learn to love yourself,
To love me must be mad,
Do I love,
Can I love,
Christmas again will the curse return,
With out a doubt,
To be single again,
Like an unwanted toy,
Waiting to be returned, But to where,
Singleness and unhappiness,
Its just my way,
From a beam to hang,
Lifeless and vacant,
Or to linger in the twilight world of alcohol, Oh my love lost,
Farewell to my love,
Good bye Clare.

Mixed wood bowl. More at Bespoke Woods facebook page

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