All hell breaks loose

This misanthrope world turns its hateful eye on me, All as one like sheep,
No mind of their own,
To judge me in my unorthodox life as evil, Non-conformation my only allie in this life as a of a would be suicide, Turning this blinded eye to the life beyond this sanctuary, Guide by no god but my own,
Ruled by no man but me,
But regardless of fair or not I transgress these line laid down,
By men who know no better,
By Christian beliefs who do not care,
I live as I want and brave the storm,
As all hell breaks loose, Within this whirlwind I survive as the grain of sand,
I lay in slumber with blackened signs of tattooed art,
And with no care strut my graffiti,
And like that speck of dust I irritate your eye,
To rub red and sore,
Amongst the oyster in time the pearl that I am will form,
You will perceive me as I truly am,
And in regret you see me,
Shinning beyond your imagination,
As I lay me down in field of sunburst yellow of rape seed,
My resonance will blind all those who cursed my being,
And in justice I will find a smugness,
Know only by the un-righteous,
The shunned and outcast,
These scars of battle kept within for only me to know,
To trace in a quiet moment alone in loneliness,
Never to let the outside world to grind me down,
Or wilt my war torn soul,
And to blossom into the spring of this life,
And sod you all.

Mixed wood bowl, set in resin with coffee beans. More on Bespoke Woods Facebook page.


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