Foolish you.

How asinine were you actions,
That now are viewed with fading memories,
Within the wisdom bought by hindsight,
Do the lights of town still hold the tingling glow they once did, Or do they now illuminate an existence of hollow echoes, Would you now escape from us,
To be held in the arms of another,
If the future could be seen,
Do you feel the fields of emerald you run from,
Are greener than the ones you now inhabit,
Is your landscape as dry and parched as you wished for, When you cry,
Do you cry alone,
Do you feel these cold fingers of mine,
On burning cheeks,
To wipe them dry,
And a shoulder always there to comfort your disillusioned head, Did you find the man to watch grow old,
Or are your sugar daddy’s made from salt,
With no sparkle when gazed upon up close,
Do you wake and find every day is now cold,
And live this life in winters icy grip,
And lay awake at night and think of warmer times,
And dream of the halcyon days long since dead,
When summers sun baked our young flesh,
Do you lie in bed alone,
Caressing the space once made for me,
Do you regret every lie you told,
In answer to my heart felt questioning,
Do you fear there is no one to return love to you,
And look upon getting old in trepidation of being alone, Would you wish to come back to me,
After my love has long since died within,
Do you look on your past in shame,
Or believe you were right,
Do you search our babies faces for validation,
Or do you come up short,
Is you remorse magnified in those innocent eyes,
Life in its fickle nature, Damages us all in so many ways,
And before those pretty blue tired eyes close, Do you utter,
Foolish me.


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