Architects of our own down fall

Nuclear war, Famine,
Mass genacide,
We are the architects of our own downfall,
Procreation beyond normal limits,
Raping the earth for money, power or through ignorance,
Glaciers melt,
Seas rise,
But behind our blinkers we see nothing,
Extinction a daily occurrence,
The Pinta tortoise, Clouded Leopard, Black rhinoceros and eastern cougar,
Just the tip of the iceberg,
In less than a decade,
Habitats lost as man expands,
Chasing the blood drenched dollar,
Our descendants butchered for trophy,
Or trinkets,
Their loss far outweighs their profit,
We continue to pollute,
The air we breath,
The land that grows our food,
The oceans that hold such wonders,
We extend life beyond our years,
Knocking the balance off kilter,
With less than no regard,
We look for our next victim to inhabit,
Beyond the junk filled stars,
Littered with the flotsam and jetsam of our desire to conquer,
Abandoned vehicles on airless rocks,
To show,
We was ‘ere,
A species that never learns by its mistakes,
Wars to end all wars,
Until the next one,
And the one after that,
Crumbs cast from high tables,
Keep us in our social ladders,
The rich feeding off of the despair of the poor,
It is too late for change,
Our downfall, unavoidable,
Too little,
Far too late,
And in time we become, The fossil fuel for this planets next incarnation.


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