In hiding

Death, war, pedophiles, atrocities,
Man on man,
Man against man,
Pain surrounds our lives,
Horror, its piped into our castles,
Where a man should feel safe,
I hide away in mine as media exposes,
And educates how to,
Form anarchy from silence,
Addicts from the curious,
Murderers from the invisible,
Sex offenders how to,
And children where to get what they never needed, And never wished for in curiosity,
I flick the switch,
Hide away from the horror of this living, Don’t try to mend this life,
It’s not broken,
The blinkers off as I see,
What we have become,
From becoming civilised,
I know you can hear me,
Should I hold my breath until you notice my pain? Or scream,
Until I am heard,
Through this glass tube,
Out along the cable, to the void of space,
Lost to travel the stars,
Resonating off planets,
And my last breath wasted,
On the unconcerned,
My fury unseen by the blinkered,
As we live these lives in tunnel vision,
We follow our leader,
As school children of our youth,
A planet of lambs to the slaughter,
Blindly trailing those who lead,
So I will disappear,
Hide away till this madness is over, Till we no longer cling to this speeding ball, Sucked to its surface,
As we spiral round that ball of fire we worship, And our time is at an end.

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