Wandering empty streets

I wander these empty street,
Illuminated by the moon and stars,
Intermittent street lights casting its nicotine yellow glow, Blotting out natures natural beauty,
Darkened shapes fly about my head,
Shrill squeaking and bird song of nocturnal creatures fill the air, Not a soul around,
I walk alone and imagine,
Black silhouetted trees creek against the black night sky, The wind rustles through drying leaves,
In the distance the whisper of cars journeying their own paths, Senses heightened by the loss of luminosity,
Strolling through the darkness I feel at peace with myself, An emotion that in this world of death and disorder,
Is as rare as true happiness,
My life back on line,
My universe blemish free, if only momentarily,
Foxes eyes catch the moonlight and reflect it back to me,
A trespasser in their world of the nocturne,
Another street lamp lights me up in jaundice shades, Once again blocking out natures sunless wonders,
The owls warning hoot tells of my approach,
Grasses crackle with the scurry of the unseen,
Making me flinch and shudder,
Ice cold flicks down my spine,
A dog barks as my door approaches,
And my wandering is done.


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