I feel the waves of life lapping around my chest, They rise as I sink down,
Now gently stroking across the top of my head, Exhilarated as oxygen cuts off,
Chest tightens and stop’s rising,
Gasping lungs filled with poisoned fluid of life, Struggling in a frictionless void,
The vacuum of being smothering me, Lifeless I hang,
In this suffocating limbo,
No way out would be the verdict,
I continued to sink further day by day, Hallucinogenic images swirl before my eyes, Colours brighter than I have ever seen before, Dancing in front of my eyes,
Pulsating and flashing making me wince,
But in the dying,
Comes joy,
Euphoric as I ebb away,
But a hand reaches down,
Disrupting the flickering shards of sunlight, As they dance toward me, Deflecting with the intruder in to my ocean, As I float away on a carpet of light, Will they be in time to save me, Lethargic in thoughts of saving myself,
All I live for lost long before,
Reasons for carrying on get fewer as months pass, Now with not a hint left,
Happy in my drowning, And in my drowning I find, Freedom.


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