One cold October day

October’s chilled sun hits my eyes,
Forcing re-animation in tired limbs,
Frosted glass on clear windows shows seasons change,
The smell of fireworks on chilled mists warms my child like soul, Crisp grass beneath my feet fresher than ever before,
The day somehow a little sunnier,
Winter burst forth on to me with the joy of spring,
Bleak landscapes burst with summer warmth in leafless nudity, Mud strewn roads hiss with comfort as wheels pass,
As October glows a resonance so pure,
The land beyond my gaze once more catches fire as this day winds down, Suns setting rivals any seen before,
Casting its beauty across darkening skies,
Stars sparkle brighter on a blacker night’s atmosphere,
A black satin veil drawn across my eyes,
For this is my last day,
No more wonder to view,
My last dawn many hours ago,
My last sunset still burnt in to dulling eyes,
My flickers last flick passes across my face,
And then I’m gone,
We all die alone, But gladly to grasp the reapers hand and led beyond, Just for the memory of this one final day,
As the tingle in my cheeks subsides,
The smell still lingers,
On this cold October day.


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