Journey to neverland

Billowing mist of exotic intoxicating smoke, Blowing through my mind,
Dancing vapours of infinite colours fill my thoughts, Returning to places once visited,
Now remembered in childish joy,
In this neverland I journey through fields vivid and unnatural, Comforting and soothing my furrowed brow,
A feeling of absolute numbness takes hold of me, Every muscle and sinew loosened to slack, Unmoving I float through the dusk sky’s,
As I fly on wisp’s of silvery smoke,
Hints of herb in its fragrance,
Looking down on gaudy fields below,
In this perpetual summer sun,
I gaze in wonder in my childlike innocents, Surrounded by a world painted by god in his impressionism, Edges softened and rounded,
Life easy all stresses gone from one spark of light,
Sun sparkles in a saffron hue,
Grasses whisper in emerald tones,
Voices of birds whisper in muffled song,
Whole of life painted in warhole style, Psychedelic and blinding,
But yet totally absorbing,
Then slowly coming down,
Colours revert to normalcy,
Sound returns sharp and clear,
No longer perpetuated through water,
And then,
I float back down to earth.


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