The plug pulled, all machines off

Neither dead or alive,
Not waking nor sleeping.
Comatose in living death,
Stop my blood pumping,
Cease this torn and broken heart,
All that bought me to life, Now gone in the slamming of a door,
And this body shuts down,
Lights dimming inside,
A perfume lingers heavy on this stale air.
The only sense she was ever here,
The only one to see beyond these reaction less eyes, In to this deep tormented soul,
Of breaking waves of emotions,
Crashing against these rocks of my soul, Relentless in pursuit to awaken me,
But one kiss lingers to reanimate this lifeless essence, Your presence still remains here within,
Still haunted minute by minute,
By the resonating light you left behind,
But with you, you’re constant companion,
I have been alone all the while,
I chased away your demons,
While you nourished mine,
I dried you’re tears,
While you encouraged mine,
Now all is still and silent,
I convince myself you’re gone,
But every dark corner you haunt,
Crawl beneath these floors,
Hide in cavities between these walls,
Built to protect me,
But yet you still remain in spirit,
I sit,
Picking these unhealed wounds,
My mind lost forever,
My sanity still in your possession,
I smell you on every breeze,
Hear your name called on every gust of springs wind, Storm clouds beckon again,
Another sodden night will follow,
But then,
I am not breathing,
And so comes my release,
No longer able to retain your grip,
As death falls upon me,
And once more free to fly to the heaven,
Soaring like the wild eagle,
Up through white clouds,
Of life’s condensation,
Our mortal breath caught in the atmosphere,
And I once more flutter free,
In this emancipation from living,
Your hold over my being surpassed by my own mortality, No longer in slavery to your memory,
And once again,
To be myself.

Tiger Myrtle and gold click pen. More on Bespoke Woods Facebook page

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