The fall from my Babylon

I have lived in this oasis of my mind,
I float away in tayma on this herbaceous smoke,
Through out this short and troubled life,
Running from the Persian army of my mind,
Drowned in my intoxications,
For once as belshazzer I failed to see,
The legend written for only me to heed,
So obvious only a foolish man could not see,
In blood and tears upon the wall,
I lavished my life on sacred vessels, For one who would not see,
Not ours to own,
As Solomon’s once were,
A millennia or more from now,
To my love content,
The enemies of my world ripping apart the imagination of my being, And sold my soul for redemption,
But I have since feasted and drank wine with my demons,
Desecrated my future,
To forget my haunted past,
I have be weighed in the balance,
And been found wanting,
A stigma to carry,
On forth into eternity,
My houses forever built to be on sand,
A marriage vow that walls could not protect, All though I told it would never fall, Crucified by those,
Who were sent to protect me,
In the disguise of my true self,
And called my Babylon paradise,
And have praised false deity’s,
And have fallen,
To wander dissolute plains
To re-find my oasis,
But in vain I have found more heartache, Yet I still wander these deserts,
To find salvation,
Amongst sandstorms and thirst, To wander once more in a oasis, To remind me of times in tayma, Before my ungracious fall, From Babylon.

Brown Mallee burl and gold click pen. More on Bespoke Woods Facebook page

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