Memoirs of a life un-noticed

Did you see that flicker beyond your periphery? Feelings of,
Those cold shudders of a draught less room,
My cloak of invisibility to protect me from the slings and arrows, Of this tried and tested millennium,
We all stumble on to our own extinction,
But not with the thought of bang,
Moneys stock piled,
As this world crumbles,
In upon itself,
Drowned within its very own effluent,
And humanity is found to be the quickest on the draw,
I watch on from my own bell tower,
My prison ‘till life,
On this day of world ends,
In screams of anguish,
Flesh ripped from my living bones,
To repeat until the day after forever, But to Sam I say,
Your eyes are the most beautiful,
I have ever been lucky enough to see,
And you can announce to all,
I loved you from within my very soul,
I now exist only because you remember me, And I am lost within the forgetting of a thought, Buried beneath ten million stories,
Of everyday life,
We grow comfy upon your visions for this life, Forget the world,
Who struggle within their own yoke?
To torment the bitterest of my ends,
Life flickers away,
But not with a bang,
Or rumble,
Just a sigh,
Of apathy.
I don’t need to sell my soul,
He already owns me,
In your adulations I fight back strong,
I once more jump,
And frolic within this diamond scattered waterfall, And still I come up broke,
As I lose your priceless smile,
Conjurers lost from a glimpse up their sleeve,
As we plastic people applaud our very own downfall, To drown as one,
I’m nobody’s child
Just like a flower I growing wild
Rich and poor,
Beneath our own filth,
Sanitized and exterminated,
From our own abortion,

Padauk bowl with layered Perspex base. More at Bespoke Woods Facebook page.

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