This infernal curse which now haunts these nights,
And ravages through these days,
I watch both sunset and sunrise,
Before sleep ultimately finds me,
But the merest of rest bite from this drudgery,
Before screaming alarms slap me back with a jolt from this dreaming, My slumber shattered,
My body aching,
And so begins another day of weariness,
Views of life in warped reflections,
A mirror image in crumpled foil,
An over active mind swirling in hallucinating imagery,
In sleeplessness counting sheep distracting and maddening, Brain screams in a spectres world of ghostly snap shots,
Half life views of horror continue through waking hours,
Till darkness falls once more across this land,
The world sleeps,
I watch as guardian angel over them,
I wane as it takes its levy,
This burden weighs heavy on these slumping shoulders,
Lead lined boot now encase my feet,
Stuck in a nightmarish world of carnival mirrors,
Here there be monsters is the legend,
Clunking through tunnels I stumble,
In disillusionment I relinquish this life,
And sanity is lost for ever.

Blue ice acrylic pen. More at Bespoke Woods Facebook page.

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