Demon on the back seat

I escape from this life I leave behind me, To break away from who I am, Perchance I glance in the mirror,
To view behind me,
There grinning insanely back at me,
My demon on the back seat,
Smiling at me with a sickly smirk,
He utters not one word,
As the shires we pass through go gliding by,
Driving faster to an unknown destination,
And still he sits unmoving in silence,
The road in front dark and still,
In the distance lightning flashes and crackles, Thunder crashes with shuddering force,
Rain falls in pure sheets against the window,
Wiper blades toil back and forth,
I look behind his expression unchanged,
I scream and berate him with frustration, Nothingness comes back so soundless its deafening, The world dies and collapses behind us,
Leaving just voids of sepia,
I continue to journey along,
Sleep evades me as many nights before,
Still he sits in quiet and grins,
The nodding dog that’s lost its nod,
I stop for caffeine at a café ant the end of the world,
I feel his eyes burning in to my back and through my mind, I see the razor edges between life and vacuum, Inside this diner of non-comitial service,
I sit in a booth furthest from the car,
I scream in abject horror,
Fellow dinners unflinching,
He joins me with madness swirling in his eyes,
And then he finally speaks,
In a gravely voice with tones of death,
Opening me up with a surgeons skill,
I am you,
You cant out run me,
Entwined with one another, Without who we cant exist,
I am the Hyde to your Jeckle,
I am you excuse for what you are,
What you do to me,
You do to yourself,
I didn’t force you to do theses things,
You did them of your own free will,
Look in to my face and who do you see, Angel, devil, sinner, saint or you,
I am the negative tto your positive,
And all at once run over by my life,
It is me,
My mind floats away leaving me expressionless, In my insanity, alone.

olive wood Picture frame, A4 aperture. More at Bespoke Woods Facebook page.


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