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Well, I have been on wordpress for a little under a month now, and have been pleasantly surprised by the reactions to my short stories and poems. I have been writing since 2004 and although I have one book published, the publisher was not a reputable one, I had no idea when I signed the contract, It said I would get 15% royalties on the book sales, and I did. However, the publisher, Publish America, were more interested in trying to sell me my own book to then sell on myself. I bought 100 copies and sold about 70, it is almost impossible to get book shops to buy independent books as most of them will only buy from there nominated suppliers, and not individuals, and as the retail world becomes more brand and chain orientated, independent retailers can no longer cope with bulk prices the bigger outlets can negotiate. So, there I am with 100 copies of my book, which are not covered under the royalty payments, they seemed not to bother to sell the book on their end, and only sold 13 copies, the royalty check arriving in dollars, was not enought to cover the banks fee for converting it in to pounds, haha.

So, I began to feel quite quickly that they would have published anything that came over their desk, and I once again felt that this talent, that I thought I had stumbled on against all the odd, maybe was not as good as I thought it was. I still kept writing, for my own pleasure. I said it was against the odds because I was awful at school, I didnt put in the required effort, I dont have anyone to blame for that, it was all my own doing. I became a chef, where academics would not help, its a natural talent that can not be taught, I have seen many lecturers pulling their hair out at those who the talent passed by. The catering trade gave me my eye for wording menu’s, the flow of words, rather just a start/stop list of edibles on offer, Microsoft word helped me with my poor grasp of the English language, and the beer gave me the freedom to write, to be honest and not fear ridicule for my melancholia. When the drinking stopped, so did the flow of poems. I had tried over the years throwing together books, tried my hand at a novel, which is now the short story ‘View from over the shoulder’ I curtailed it to a short story to go in to a book I am writing, now posting on here, a collection of short bedtime stories for grown ups.

I have looked at wordpress and blogspot for a while now trying to get the courage to open one and post my work, the fear of getting no follows or likes, the harsh comments or ridicule. As I said, I have been pleasantly surprised with the results. For the first time yesterday I did not post anything, I have four stories on the go at the moment, but they are not quite ready, which I am hoping to have ready for tomorrow, well at least one. I have reached the point where I have posted all my stories, although I still have a number of poems to post. This is the reason I have written this today, to let you know that there will be more posts on the way, as soon as I get them written. Thank you all for your support so far.

Jade effect ballpoint pen. More at Bespoke Woods Facebook page.

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