Emerald city

The tornado disrupting and powerful,
Ripping its way through my life,
Removing me from my life,
Discarding me dazed and confused in to this bizarre dream, But surely the only emerald for me,
Is the green grass above me,
Encased in concrete of gloom it slows my journey,
No magical scarlet shoes for me,
But for now the world of dreams and nightmares, Journeying the yellow brick road to my emerald city,
I find no comfort in my surroundings or friends,
The bizarre and grotesque caricature I have become, Drawn by one who see beyond my eyes,
As different to me as can be possible,
The Jeckle and Hyde effects of substance abuse, Effects last longer ‘till almost engulfed,
Its sharp talons clawing at my flesh, Searing pain tearing through my soul and mind, Ripping me apart from inside out,
Pain darts through my heart and soul,
Soon to be lost forever in purposelessness,
Killing the pain in the only way I know,
Vision through blurring eyes set on my goals ahead,
My addictions dragging me back,
Arms from below pulling me back down,
Dark swirling mist behind me beckons me back, Sweet images before me of carefree days and careless nights, Sunny horizons clear and sharp calling me on, Promising intent of a younger me,
To be loved and adored with a purpose once more,
Will I get there in this life or the next,
Will the wonderful wizard help me should I get there, Pushing myself to escape,
Wanting to sit alone,
Unsure of me,
Unsure of life,
Unsure if I want to change,
Or just sit and decompose,
Crying through the night, Screaming through the day,
Let me be free from myself,
Free me from my life,
Free me from the bondage of being,
Let me run to my destiny,
Never getting any closer,
Just further away each day,
Monsters in the mist winning me over, Shall I ever see the emerald city in this lifetime, Shall I get to give my wishes to the wizard, No patients left,
Just anger, hatred and rage
Let me be free again.

Red Mallee burl and gold click pen. More at Bespoke Woods Facebook page.

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