Civil war, the brexit years.

By the end of the civil war in March 2030, anybody would have though they were walking the streets of a third world country making a charity advert. This once proud country, who, under a hundred years before were saving the world from the Nazi’s, now lay in ruins, that it may never recover from, one vote, so keenly contested, split this nation in two in 2016, escalating from harsh words, and facebook dressing downs, to physical violence in just under three years, it all began in 2019, after a vote of no confidence in the government.

Tempers had been frayed since the announcement of the result, the Remainders wanted a second referendum, while the Leavers believed it was unconstitutional to ignore the first result, asking how many times do we take a vote, before the decision would be stuck to. In return the Remainers labelled the Leavers as racist, believing that it was all about the immigration for them. Harsh words were traded too a fro, and things were about to boil over. It is believed to be a strong arm tactic from the Remainers that turned the feud in to a physical brawl.

It is said that in one of the nicer neighbourhoods, Remainers were going door to door getting signatures for their petition for a second referendum, and making note of those who refused to sign. Later a number of overly large men would kick the door in and beat you until you agreed to sign. Another account was a riot in a pub when the debate on brexit got out of hand, the bar split in too two factions, a steak knife was thrown from the Leavers encamped in the restaurant area, at which point glasses and bottles were thrown by the Remainers in the bar area, and all hell broke loose, there were four dead, 30 injured, and discerning the spilt tomato ketchup from blood stains had the metropolitan police investigators running around in circles, it went down in the history books as the Battle of the Cock in Cider. By the summer of 2019 the country had split between the north, Leavers and the in the south, Remainers. The Leavers in the south fled north to avoid the persecution that was now a daily onslaught of abuse, physical assault and flying projectiles, and Remainers from the north fled south for the same reasons.

The Midlands was a no mans land, and the scene of many futile battles, which were fought in this area. The Battle of Nottingham which raged on for three weeks during May 2023, saw the Remainers push the border up past Sheffield, only to be pushed back behind the M25 with the battle of Derby starting in the Peak District in November 2023. The southern forces struggled in the bitter winters of northern England, they were still in their summer outfits, Armani silk suits and Chanel party frocks were not up to the cold challenge, the snow of late November incapacitated the forces of the Remain camp, who were not used to cold winters, they had not even thought to packed any anti-freeze, the supply train system was out of operation due to it being ‘the wrong kind of snow’, roads were impassable as the Leave camp had control of the grit and salt, and were now using gritters to spread carpet tacks on the roads through no mans land, causing tyres to burst when driven on. These two battles alone cost over 400,000 lives, and wounded 20,000. Neither party would consider a compromise on brexit, all out or all in, no grey areas, black and white, and the fighting went on.

Water Buffalo horn and Bleached Ox bone Pen. More at Bespoke Woods Facebook page.

In 2025 there was fear across the capital as London was gripped by a bombing spree, the first two went off in Harrods on two separate floors on 15th November, and then regularly throughout the lead up to Christmas and New Year, as other West End shops were targeted. A group known as ‘Leave for Freedom’ were though to have had upwards of ten terrorist cells living and working in London, undercover, dressed as Santa’s, who questions a Santa with a bulging sack?. There were no warnings, no phone calls to the police or papers prior to the bombs going off, each one packed with thousands of ball bearings, shoppers in a hundred meter radius of the bomb were ripped to shreds by the killer balls. Harrods collapsed in upon itself, this one attack claimed 2000 lives, all the other bombs were built to the same spec, with similar results. In retaliation the Remain side carpet bombed Newark, one beautiful spring morning, wrongly thinking it was Nottingham, where the Leavers base was located.

By early May 2026, there were a dozen skirmishes going on at any one time, there was no end to the endless rows of people, injured, dead or dying on both sides, hospital corridors where packed with moaning bodies on trolleys, and so began the great trolly shortage of 2027, passing hands on the dark net for hundreds of thousands pounds. An NHS that was struggling in peace time, was pushed to breaking point, its collapse and bankruptcy shook the nation on both sides of the argument. The population was down to forty million, and still there seemed to be no end to the conflict, no matter how much they lost, they fought harder and harder to cling on to what was left. Neither party would budge on their demands of what Brexit should be, there were four attempts to get both sides around the table for negotiations, none of them lasted a full day, the third attempt only lasting as long it took to say good morning, apparently the Leavers though the comment to be sarcastic, and left. None of the meetings had moved the plan along at all, the EU still kept taking their share of the countries earnings, as they had totally forgotten about the EU in this whole process, they were still members. This was brushed under the carpet and buried in a busy news cycle, by an ever more beleaguered Prime Minister.

The final two years were just nuts to say the least, the Leavers found nuclear war heads in the back of an army stores. The more technical minded of the camp made these in to a viable bomb, and set about the task. The Remainers had gotten wind of this, and acquired the necessary components to build their own, twenty hospital trolleys in exchange on the dark net. The escalation began in 2028 as factions split away, each side had splinter groups, whose beliefs were on the far end of the scale, the Remainers group were called ‘Endure’, and the Leaver group was called ‘Freedom’. Each plotted to bring the other side to their knees. These were the member who were most vocal during meeting, who would never be pleased at even the hint of a compromise. Each group had the same idea, at roughly the same time, simply place these nuclear devises around enemy territory and putting an end to questions. Like the creator of the nuclear age, these men and women had not a clue about the radioactive fallout, which way was the wind going to blow it, and after, how long would they still be feeling the after effects. All that consumed these once intelligent minds was the destruction of the barriers, to Brexit or, not to Brexit, that is the question.

It was early October 2030, as two secret society’s on opposing sides planted the seeds of the other destruction. Neither side knew of the others plans, or time lines, but still managed to simultaneously hit each other at roughly the same moment. Those on various islands, Scandinavia and Europe felt the rumble, and some say they saw the mushroom clouds rolling up to the outer atmosphere. Those who had not died in the explosions, would go on to die over the course of the next month. It even entered the food chain killing thousands more.
England is still a cold and desolate place (some ask whats changed), nothing lives on this sterilised island, once so lush and green, no plant life, trees, even the mighty oak that they built this nation on, gone, no animals or people. The only way to view this land is by the satellite photos the Americans take as they pass above.


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