Three fifty am

Music on the stereo,
Cigarette butts in the ashtray,
Empty beer cans strewn,
Whisky glass half empty,
Or half full,
Numbing of my mind and senses,
I sit alone and all the signs show,
Insomnia returns,
My love sleeps away from me,
And has been for many hours,
My mind slurs,
Vision wavers,
But yet sleep still evades me,
Depression waits at the door,
At least until the lights go out,
Nine minuets to four,
The clock ticks away more slowly arms stand still, Half a can left,
Words scream around my head and fall on to the page, All at once realising life will change come sunrise, About to be left again,
If only you could see how much I love you,
And want to protect you from harm, To show you true happiness,
To give you the moon and stars,
To give you the universe you deserve,
All the riches that life in happiness has to offer you, Never to break your heart or hurt you,
As many before,
You’re my goddess to be worshipped and revered, To save you to save me,
Time to sleep,
I don’t want to wake in case I am in torment again, Let me sleep forever still in love and loved,
To die happy is my wish,
Morbid thoughts hammer my tired mind,
As darkness doesn’t get any lighter,
What lurks in the dark is just fear,
My fear rises that come morning I may wake, And face the afternoon single again, Need to sleep,
Five past four and its time, Close my eyes, Nightmares await me, Laughing in the dark,
With pure insanity,
Ten past four and goodnight.

Zebrano Mirror, for more see Bespoke Woods Facebook page


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