Once more I walk the streets of London, Images of my past projected on every corner, Ghosts I left behind long ago,
Still remain,
Trapped in the atmosphere of time,
Still lingering and laughing, Unaware of what’s still to come,
In this jungle of glass and steel, People pushing and rushing by,
Never stopping to gaze,
I was once them as they are now as I was, Am I now the tourist that I once hated? No longer wanted here,
Or allowed to call this home,
An intruder from the suburbs, Just visiting this buzzing metropolis, One day travel card replaces the season ticket, Can they tell?
Do they see me through their blur?
As I once disregarded them,
A day-tripper in my own home, Remembered only by the statues that I pass, They know me from long ago,
I only just notice them now,
They smile a knowing smile,
The traffic noise hums,
Once inaudible now heard,
Smell and sights overload my senses,
At wonder with sights never noticed, Never stand still enough before,
Yes I am now the traveller.

I left London in 1997 after having been born and bred there, visiting it no longer feels anything familiar, although I walked these streets a million times before.


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