Dark clouds of this earthly spectre

The spectre of death stalks this earth,
Black and hushed against the night,
The creators silent assassin,
Robes tattered and torn,
Rusty scythe firm in his clasping hand,
With mildew stench of death,
Humming a phonics song,
Asking if we would like to stay,
A minuet longer,
With out doubt a class act,
Perhaps it should be my way,
A caustic wit he maybe,
Meanwhile, leaders wage war,
Terrorist murder with indiscriminate glee,
But yet, still warned of cigarettes and alcohol, While they persist in pollution of this wonderful world, Warning us of healthy eating,
While they continue to build bombs bigger and better, And clothing men in kaki and boots,
Via TV waves,
For cannon fodder in camouflage,
Mixed signal to populations,
Telling us to die their way,
Cheep and with minimum of fuss,
No expenditure to the NHS,
Epidemics rise,
Their incompetence and vile nature,
Helps the reapers count, Ticking over steady and smooth,
They are the cancer,
They infect us through incompetence, Wrapped up in waging their war,
Winning votes,
Living their putrefying lives behind closed doors, And their bestest public smiles, To fool the sheep and civic morons,
Those who’s lives revolve around political mayhem, Never better than those they replace, Robots built in a land over the monochrome rainbow, Building grey men to suppress,
And stifle the human race,
A universal prison in which they test us all,
A worldwide concentration camp,
Where only the rich rise to the top,
While the minions are dominated into poverty, And the impoverished die,
Everyone is equal,
Except those who aren’t,
While the punishable are punished,
The elite regain their liberty,
This world of freedom for the free, A good idea gone bad,
But who would elect a humble man,
Not you,
So I live lips sealed,
Superglue of leaders words,
One voice in the throng,
Break these chains of slavery, Emancipate our minds and scream, Freedom.


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