In a galaxy far, far away

I hear an angel softly singing,
Just out of reach,
From afar,
Memories from my past,
Stirred and to unpleasant to be awakened,
Just ghosts from ancient times,
Loves of my past soft and warm,
In good times and better,
From bad to worse to unbearable,
No spark to be found like the first,
And I believe there never will,
Will I forever stroll through life with flame extinguished, Who can relight this torch?
One that once burned brighter than any sun,
Now put out by a gallon or more of black nectar,
A weakness I admit,
Social pariah I am not,
This monkey on my back tries to cripple,
I build more walls to save me,
If only from myself,
As time passes,
I loose more social skills,
I build castles of sand,
Each night to be washed away,
The ever encroaching tide destroys all I build, Bringing pain in its wake,
To shake me to foundations to shallow to support, Each day a struggle to rebuild,
Like treading water in a sea of molasses,
Going nowhere but down,
Sickly sweet in its touch and taste,
I feel my life ebb away more each day,
Any humanity lost long before,
Take this shell of a man,
Refill my desire and lust for this world, Shade my minds eye from visions of the next life, Replenish my soul with the kindness it once knew, Blinker me from the atrocities of mankind,
Fill me with the hope of childhood, Shield me from the ugliness of human nature, And pain of this life,
Let me believe in hope,
Let me believe in life,
As infectious as it can be,
Can I inflict the world with it?
If not,
Let me live in a galaxy far, far away.

This one is just about one of days for no reason at all, life is too painful face, all the trials and tribulations blown out of proportion. Making list to beat yourself with when left unfinished, loading your shoulder up, when your legs can no longer bare the weight.

Purpleheart bowl. More at Bespoke Woods Facebook page.

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