A world of temporyness

Here, deep in this wooded glade,
I sit alone and contemplate,
While resting on this dead and rotted stump,
This virgin land in a trespassed world,
For me alone to unearth,
The forest around me hastening and vivacious,
A myriad of life forms,
Bustling and hectic in their world,
Unaware of me in mine, Sunlight spills through the thinning canopy and branches, Caught on plumes of dust and haze,
I stare in awe at life around,
Feeling insignificant in this solitude,
Time to think and clear my thoughts,
And recollect what’s been before,
No regrets of what’s facing me,
Focused on the aspiration of my being,
Wild flowers bloom reaching skyward towards their light, The vivid carpet they form for me alone, My footsteps fall like those on freshly fallen snow, The gentle clapping of rain now applauds natures work, Warm in this heady August day,
Thunder joins and raises the cadence, Lightening flashes in the darkening sky, Exposing hidden rainbows in rain splashes at my feet, A tear forms and rolls,
For what are we if not man alone,
No magic lies within,
Our destructive nature only to destroy,
And disassemble natures work,
Leaving this world barren and burnt,
For our children to inherit,
All that’s left are faded photographs,
Of what once was,
Filed away under history,
In dusty volumes never read,
And there we will stay,
Lost forever,
Never to be found, In the library of our minds.

This is about the beauty that passes us by as we rush past, never a free moment to just sit and enjoy the simple things in life.


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