From the knee high view

Shouting, screaming, smashing, banging,
They rant and rage through rooms,
Hurling hurtful quotes between themselves, Doors slam and shake these walls,
I hide beneath these warming covers, Cocooned beneath cotton,
Till the monsters abate,
They rage through this home,
Destroying life in there wake,
Faces contort and redden,
Eyes bulge and stare,
Hideous facades where mummy and daddy once were, But here they no longer reside,
Lost in the internal realm of anger and hatred, And then all at once,
Silence descends,
They exist in indifference, Neither apologetic nor backing down, But in this silence we all return to normal, Until next time,
And these demons surface,
And rage once more.

Life from the point of view of a frightened child, hoping not to become a target for another misdamenior of youth.

Olive wood table top

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