Dumped down up river.

Swirling in brown,
Trudging through ages long and unnoticed, Millennium of life passes by me,
As I watch water,
Silted, they trudge by, This muddied stream traipses by in long since meaningful purpose, Foaming white with churning,
Lapping gently along wall of stone,
Amidst histories of blood and turmoil,
As I see my body dumped down,
Just up river,
I float amongst this cities flotsam,
Mingling with its jetsam,
Past saints wharfs and docks,
In coastal tides I’m flung,
In this towns lifelessness,
I swirl at tides mercy,
Bobbing like a pugilist champion,
Weaving my way up and down stream on its whim,
My own will lost in a different place,
A location undisclosed,
The only reminder a picture on a weathered poster,
A mention in a daily rag,
Now floats along beside this lifeless corpse,
Bloated and greying in days of inertness, Aimlessness my only chore, Till found,
And my history told,
But for now I will drift,
Along this muddied river,
And keep this secret in a temporary watery grave.

Just a fictional poem, obviously, the picture added, because i love it.


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