Living life in yesterday’s tomorrow’s today

Why do we live yesterday’s tomorrow’s today?
Why do we perpetuate through life,
Making the same mistakes as the day before,
And destined to repeat tomorrow,
Are we to short sighted to learn,
Is today’s life lived at such speed,
We run just to keep up with yesterday’s dust,
As our lives get faster we are left behind in a world of junk food, TV dinners left crusting over are just to slow,
Confused and dazed rushing in where most would fear to tread, Errors in judgement to haunt our world deep into future generations, As we only learn to forget the past,
Or remember to trip over this shortcut,
All horrors of this life self inflicted,
Demanding for life yesterday,
And consequences for today put off until tomorrow,
Our minds spin in perpetual motion,
Obsolete before we leave the store,
Never stopping even in sleep,
A fear of falling behind screams at us through our dreaming, Standing still, but never at rest,
Until angelic voices sing us to our final rest,
And we live forever in yesterday’s history, Remembered for today,
In our eternity of tomorrows.

When I was a kid, anything ordered by mail order took 28 days to arrive. A computer was a posh video game unit, kids would plead to parents that it ‘help my school work’, in those wonderful days when is someone wanted to insult you, they had to have the balls to stand toe to toe with you, and look you in the eye, before the internet. None of these anonymous freaks, hiding away in the dark of the internet, cowardly spewing digital bile. Life seemed a lot slower pace before computers and next day delivery on the internet. Saving for those big purchases, because HP (hire purchase) was not the way, we didnt really take to the buy now, pay later attitude.

Then along came internet banking IT (intelligent finance) and first direct showing you the joys and ease of banking from the comfort of your own home, no trudging to the high street. To encourage us they threw money at us, not just a hundred quid here, two hundred quid there, they threw substantial sums in your direction. To a point my first wife was able to get a £2,000 limit on a credit card, with no income other than mine, a £15,000 loan to consolidate your debts. The more you borrowed, the harder you work, not for extra in your pay packet, but to make sure you held on to your job so you could pay all your debts.

Ginkgo leaves

My house of cards came tumbling down in the years that followed my divorce, two years spent almost 24 hours a day drunk is not a good frame of mind to keep on top of your finances, and the £100+ I was spending on booze, aided the smooth flowing of my finances like the Hoover damn facilitated the undisturbed flowing of the Colorado River.

We never give ourselves a respite from this faster and faster spinning of the merry-go-round of life, having to have the up to date tech, that is obsolete the moment you click ‘Buy it now’.  Impossible to keep up to date, we all live life in an ADHD frenzy, clicking like to prove we are relevant while life flashes by off line. Crazy?

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