Grey men

Everywhere I look,
There they are,
Standing on street corners,
Waiting to cross the roads,
Standing there in grey plaid,
Grey ties,
There grey complexions blending in,
There is no colour in their world,
Forcing their grey values on to the world at large, Bringing grey to our lives,
Seeping in every crack,
Through the TV,
Through the air waves,
Exterminating colour from our world, Pockets of bright kaleidoscopic beams hide in secret, Huddling round the spectrum,
Keeping the colours alive,
Nurturing its growth,
Till one day we burst back,
Bringing rainbows back to life, Cascading colours rolling down the waterfall, Sunrise and set brought back to full glory,
But for now,
Shy away,
Do not contaminate with grey,
Forever carry your colour in your pocket, Keep it in your heart,
Bring it forth when the grey age is at an end, Release and let that butterfly flutter away, Spreading effervescence across the sky, Bringing smiles to the face of those view them, Banishing grey from this universe, So till then,
Carry your colours in your mind.

I wrote this one as the 55th poem for my book, I couldn’t leave it at 54, its just wrong. Then one day on a trip in to Kiddiminster I saw a man crossing the street in front of me in a grey suit, grey shoes, grey tie and carrying a grey coat. This poem started to form, nothing like the one you read, it was more to ridicule these men you meet who were just so grey and drab.

Its worth mentioning, that since I was heading in to town it was more than likely a booze run, so I was possibly a little inebriated when the original idea took a turn.

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