Do trees scream?

Do trees scream?
Living and growing,
Feeling and fearing,
Provided for the planet,
To the planet,
Bringing beauty and wonder to our world, Getting stronger as we decay, Watching us grow and devour,
More life by lifetime,
As the rain forest disappear,
One by one,
Our desire for their meat ever growing, Another table another chair, Destroying them tree by tree,
They raise their screech to the heavens, Bird and bugs retreat,
Their refuge ever shrinking,
They the only ones to understand what’s yelled, But will they yield,
To us, no,
Can you hear it?
It’s whispered on the wind,
It’s rustled through the branches,
They see our demise in their wisdom, Do they scream?
Would we still do it?
If we could hear them.

Just an idea i had, we seem to believe as the Alpha predictor that all the world is ours to rape, all its treasure are ours to own. We continue to destroy rain Forrest’s, while knowing how bad for the planet that idea is. Simple.

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