The public deformation of I

Come build your wicker man, set your scaffold high, Reaching to the heavens above my trembling façade, Under the steely gaze of my anonymous executioner, Not flinching in view of my fear,
My whimper not heard above the cackle of the public galleries,
Bring me forth from the darkness, in to this cold and golden light,
My final sunrise,
To be witnessed by your own judge and jury,
Don’t presume to know this soul inside, or imagine my pain,
Toss my soul to the desire of this braying orgy, My ashes to the westerly winds, My memories boxed, consigned to a forgotten shelf,
Rattling amidst the cobwebbed darkness, where all that settles is the dust, For I am to be the wraith that haunts the darkest part of endless nights,
I am the creak on withered timbered floor,
I reside within the darkest corners of your mind,
And whisper through your tortured dreams,
As you wipe last night’s broken sleep from your bloodshot eyes,
My manifestation upon every street corner you pass,
Opposite you on the train, flicked across the corner of your eye,
This public evisceration of my corpse,
The indelible stain of this blood to taint your life, Crimson flecks to drying brown,
Splashed across your silvered screen, this cadaver spliced and torn,
As I stare down on where I was once at home, Caught in this whirlwind and displaced,
In ethereal gusts I etch my promise across this scene,
The epilogue to be written as these years pass beyond me,
In to a future of which I am history,
Left behind as a faded photograph at the bottom of a forgotten box,
From another time.

This is how I felt I was judged by some of our friends. During a break up it is not just the kids, the house and possessions you have to split between you, its also those friends who where friend of you both, dinner party type friends, double date and alike. I have heard murmuring over the years, taking the blame for something that was not totally my fault.

Snake wood tipped handles

It proves to be a tricky six months as your friends choose sides, your team or her team, they may say they will support you both, but contact slows and stops, part them and part you.

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