Something even more different? Surely not.

I like to play around with ideas, these days with word on computers and iPads, yes, I am a slave to Apple for my eternal shame, iPads, iPhone and iPods, stick an I on the front of it, and I will more than likely pay over the odds for it. Anyway, I digress, back to word processors, you could write all manner of stuff on one, and delete it, cut it and re-paste it, change the fonts and all manor of wonderful things. I am old enough to remember pre-computer days, My first word processor was a second hand typewriter, making a mistake on that would stand out, wether you used Tipex fluid or sheets, and with the fluid no matter how long you waited, it would always be wet, making a right old mess, throw the paper away and re-type the correct parts and amend the mistakes, you could cut and paste, but it would have require real paste and a pair of scissors. So wastage of ink and paper were a concern, now we can type all manner of bullshit, and amend it simply with a few clicks, taps or whatever, and no bins full of half typed sheets and an ever growing urge to lob the typewriter through the closest window.

Having said that, I have been sporadically working on a novel, since about 2006, it got off to a flying start, but sobriety and life has had this stories growth somewhat curtailed. When putting this collection of short stories together, I once again looked to this story, but had no great passion to finish it, I dont know why, I guess I had other stories demanding to be told. I made it not so much as a news years resoloution, just a concerted effort to finish a half dozen or so unfinished stories. The first one was “Alone”   which I posted a few days ago, the next on the list was “View from over the shoulder”

Its about a London gangster exiled to the Lake District, after a bit of a kerfuffle. The difference being it is told in story form and interspersed with poems, I like things that are slightly off the wall, Dark chocolate gently melted in to a Venison sauce at the point of service, tomato sorbet served with a starter, savoury creme brûlée’s with wild mushroom and pancetta, the caramel crust replaced with a parmezan crisp or a savoury Tart Tatin. I am a bit odd, if you have not already guessed. With an almost totally free method of word prossesing, you can give anything a go, shape, re-shape, re-read and correct to your hearts content, plus spell check and grammar checks are welcomed by this semi illiterate weirdo.

So, some time after I make my next brew, I will be posting it for your perusal.

Purpleheart pen. More at Bespoke Woods Facebook page.

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