Thank you.

Paduak Wood bowl, with Perspex base. It’s a lovely bit of wood, Paduak, such a beautiful, naturally red wood, and have a gorgeous finish.

Hello, and thank you to everyone who has followed me so far, just 7 days in. A special thanks to anyone who has liked what I have written. I am positive if you had asked anyone who had taught me at school, “Where do you think Alan will end up when he leaves school?” They would to man say unemployed, stacking shelves, forces, prison or maybe under the bridge by the canal drinking meths. If you were to tell them I have a collection of poems published, or I have had another poem published in an anthology , the would have simply asked………… “Are you pissed?” The same response would have come from any of the 200 or so chefs I have worked with over the years. I have, in trepidation, finally chosen to showcase my stories and poems here. I was getting no traffic through my facebook page, and there is not point posting them and panicking some one may tell you your wasting your time, if no one is looking at them.

Variegated Water Buffalo horn pen, made by myself under my Bespoke Woods banner, any custom work welcomed

The subject for poems and their contents come from some where deep inside of me, I can have an idea of what I want to say, but something happens and I end up in a different place entirely. When trying to write to a subject and ingnore the urge to shoot off in a tangent, the poem I read back seems somewhat forced, where those I have entrusted to my internal poet flow in a comforting rhythm. The short stories are thought out, I start with a idea to build the title around, I research topics that are not in my wheel house, like the in “First Christmas”.

Water Buffalo and bleached Ox Bone pen, love making this one. Fancy a fancy pen? Custom work welcome

I had to research the facts about the birth of Jesus, when was it, what were the names of the three wise men, where did they come from, how long did it take them to get there? These facts, if wrong will be picked up by those who know this stuff. I usually have a number of stories on the go, I have four un-finished and another three in the note book, that have a loose idea and a title. More than likely, the fact that I write the stories as I go, and have no plan, in depth back ground on the characters, no rigid finishing spot for the story leaves me shackle free to roam where ever I want to with it. My wife helps out at times, the idea to kill the chef in “A dish best served cold” was hers, I was going to have the chef poison the critic, also in a planned story about a doctor, she has given me an idea of where to go with that one too.

Holy land Olive wood, rare, i just love to turn all types of olive. Custom work welcome

My lack of prep before I write is typical in the way I attack creating anything, and it gives me freedom to accept that momentary spark of inspiration, and when turning wood, allows me a little leniency to change the shape I am looking for, instead of it ending up on the fire. If you need anything from a pen to a giant mirror and evething in between visit my Bespoke woods page on facebook for a quote, all items shown here are for sale if you fancy treating yourself.

Wenge and Vegetable Ivory Pen. Hard dark brown African wood, all ethically sources, the Vegetable Ivory in a Tanga Nut, not a vegetarian elephant. Custom work welcome

The pictures that are used on my posts have all been taken by myself, I love a good session with my camera, due to damage to the macula at the back of my left eye I am going to have to re-train myself to use my right eye, I am left handed and my left eye was my strongest, but hey-ho, its just a bump in the road of life. There was a time not so long ago where I would have been screaming to the heavens asking………. ”Why is it always me?”  But after years of therapy I am more able to accept it, the road of life is littered with the cowpats of dissapointment.

Pink Ivory Wood Perfume atomiser, Beautiful colour to this wood, very hard. Custom work welcome

So, once more, thank you for your time spent following, reading and liking my posts, it means a lot to me. There will be more poems posted, but next, just so you can laugh at my drunken misfortunes during the early 2000’s as i will be posting my version of my mishaps.

Macassar Ebony twist pen.
Pau Rosa Pen
Lacewood Pen
50,000 year old New Zealand Kauri
Large Paduak Mirror
Purple Heart Perfume atomiser
Purple Heart pen
African Blackwood Perfume atomiser

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