In the queue

There she stands,
The love of my life, With her I will find my destiny, We will live forever,
In this myth called love,
Have a kin and exotic holiday,
We will visit sun kissed beaches, Get silvery sand in our shoes, Once there ever rid,
Burn delicate skin for fun,
Live in bed for weeks on end,
I will know you from mole to blemish, And then test my knowledge for eternity, ‘Till the reaper visits for one or other, And as the earth reverberates off wood, I will throw myself in to this deathly pit,
To be with you once more,
We will live forever in eternity as one, Buried side by side,
As I die of a broken heart,
In pain till my final day. Till tears burn through this fragile flesh, And then my eyes awaken,
In the queue in Tesco’s,
I find myself staring at a young brunette, Who knows not of me,
And suddenly I realise, I am standing in the queue,
Just gazing at a stranger,
Lost and away in this world of our own.

Macassar Ebony twist pen

This one I wrote some time in 2005. It is true, I was standing in the que to pay for the items I was buying. There she was, absolutely stunning, and i drifted off imaging is she was my soul mate. I didnt go in to as much depth in the day dream, well, i was shopping in tesco’s With a trolly full of booze, i would have been escorted from the shop, weirdo.

I could not shake her from my mind all day, and sat down to write it. Now you maybe thinking how does someone who stayed drunk from March 2002, until Christmas Day 2012, remember all this? I never forget a thing, ever. Wow, wish i could, people often say when i tell them, no, you really dont. Imagine a mind that never lets you forget anything, and then taunts you when it needs a stick to beat me with. It good to have a good memory, but like i always say, be careful what you wish for, hahaha.

Holy land Olive Wood pen

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