The autumn trees changing colour,
Sun mellowing to deep gold,
Shards of light cascading through,
Resonating vibrant light and colours,
Summer wheat now gone,
Just stubble left to show,
Waiting its turn to be ploughed in to the damp late season earth, Waning months pass,
Sun hangs lower in the evening sky,
Wave goodbye to summer,
Now in to transformation,
Days in turn shorten minute buy minute,
The first breath of winter chill on summers fading gasp, The once soft spring leaves full of life and promise,
Now fall at my feet and rustle,
Dry and gone their time now passed,
But beauty still remains,
Deep in thought kicking through leaves,
The soft smell of November fires drifts on the breeze, Winter moments away,
Bright lights and decorated tree’s nearly upon us,
But for now,
Just let us enjoy,
And remember,
Summer in its full glory,
The soundtrack to our own summers, Still ringing in our ears,
At night when we close our eyes,
We are there again,
Dancing laughing,
And we know summer love don’t last,
But still we cling,
Every teen movie ever seen,
It works there why not here,
I awake and look,
Through the window,
Once magical and looking out to summer long, Now just to see ageing trees balding,
A dull and lifeless world, Holidays remembered only in photographs, Wardrobe changed for the oncoming season,
No one stopping long enough to notice the beauty I see, Living each season as it maybe my last,
Child like in my apprehension,
Enjoying as each leaf hits my brow,
It has its own pungent smell,
But comforting to my soul,
If I catch another leaf will this wish come true? No,
To live another season alone,
Christmas list shortens,
Do I love autumn?
Yes, I do.

Quite self explanatory this one, I love to see the colours trees go as the season change. I also grow Bonsai, and to see them go through Autumn is fantastic.


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