To my children

My mind drifts back,
To times spent together, Warming hands in mine,
So small and fragile,
Forever wanting to protect,
But now in absence my heart breaks, Memories remain strong, I miss watching you grow,
I miss your tender glances, Your love forever tattooed on my soul, You turned this worthless man,
In to a father of joy,
Basking in the summer,
Filled with your devotion,
Our lives entwined,
Like the snakes,
Forever to worship you,
You are my life,
My love,
My babies.

This one is self explanatory, it is an ode to my children, able to express when drunk, depths of feeling I could not sober. I have this tattooed on my right forearm, it may fade a little, it may blur a little, but it is forever there, with me, telling all who care to enquire what it is and what it is saying. It was actually written for the sole purpose of being a tattoo.

Even after all these years with out contact, I still remember them fondly, I have let go of the anger that once drove me, and now can see it was my behaviour that was the problem, I could tell them how I have changed, but they are happily going about their own lives to be worried about me. They know where to find me if they wish too, or need a organ or bone marrow.

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