Fancy a bit of peotry?

What I will be posting next is a few of my poems, some will be from my 2006 collection of poems entitled “Screamings form a maddening mind” I began writing soon after my separation from my first wife, initially it was on a post divorce diet guide, “Divorced man’s guide to the Guinness Diet”, which initially harnessed my spite and venom, having worked far too hard for far too long maintaining a marriage that was doomed from the second day of our honeymoon. By the age of thirty five, having never been out of work, worked every second of overtime or extra days, sold a flat in Harrow for a £40,000 clear profit, I had less at the age of 35 than I had at the age of 18. Also for the first time ever I was living alone, the only bonus to my predicament were I was in a ‘live in’  Job, so the solicitor couldn’t take the roof over my head, and I was once more free to drink myself in to oblivion. I did, I dated women who were not going to ever change me again, went back to 4 week stands and 8 week flings, a couple were 19, to my sober shame. I was in turmoil held together with a stubborn will to drown my feelings and working class worth ethics. As a recent phone call I heard about goes to prove, there is no excuse big enough to take a sick day.

“A young chef call in sick to work one morning, he told his chef his was unfit to come in, and the chef listened patiently. when the young chef had finished the head chef asked him which hospital he was in so he could send him a bunch of grapes, the young chef said he was not in hospital, he was convalescing at home, the chef finished the call with, see you at nine for the start of your shift then. 

The funny thing is, its true, unless you have a missing limb or Ebola, there is no acceptable excuse to be off work.

However, I digress, I have a million and one things flying around my head, it has become easier to placate the beast within since I began therapy, but I can still be found waking up in the middle of the night to jot down plot ideas for short stories or clever lines for a new poem or something to make out of wood in my workshop. So, anyway, I wander off again. The poem’s started on the drive back from dropping the kids back home to their mum, she lives in Northamptonshire, and in an attempt to get sober I had moved to another ‘live in job’ in Worcestershire, I was driving the motorways back home when the first one just came to me. I have written a few hundred over the years, less in the 6 years I have been sober, but the short stories have taken over. So I will be posting some of my poems for your enjoyment, or not. I have no idea how good or bad anything I write is, I am the high school drop out, my results were so bad I failed to get enough passes to attend catering college at my first attempt, and after 30 years in the game I still can not spell “resteraunt” or as it should be spelt “restaurant” and only over the last few years that potato and tomato have been correctly spelt by yours truly.

I don’t even know if I use too many comers, paragraphs, incorrect grammar, or the ever popular double negative, if my stories make sense or are funny, or fun to read. I will however keep plugging away, I enjoy the experience of writing and characters evolving. So until I finish some of my unfinished works and write “Under new managment”  which should be avoided by those who have a firm belief in religion, as it will be of the ilk as “First Christmas” , I am not big on religion, a world without it would be a more peaceful place, and I often tell those of whom ask, that I am a Darwinist, and the reason why I named the asteroid Darwin in “The end of the world is nigh”. Once again I have wandered off topic, I will be posting poems until I have new short stories finished.


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